Quick Start Challenge Week 3

This week was a real challenge. I did not meet my Challenge deadline to enter the contest. The Challenge was to build out a complete sales funnel and add an autoresponder to it and test to make sure it all works. To do this I needed to have a page builder, an autoresponder and a report or software to give away as a lead magnet. Check, check and check I have all of those, plus I had approval for a product to promote as an affiliate.

In fact, I have two page builders that are gathering virtual dust on my hard drive. Sigh! The prize was a 45-minute Business consultation with Dean Holland plus an interview with him to use as a promotional product.
What happened…I froze because I thought what if I WIN (the number of participants in the challenge is shrinking) I was intimidated by the process and the prospect of consulting with a successful Internet Marketer.
Sorry Dean, On the weekly webinars he comes across as fun, passionate caring and totally likeable.

I taught myself how to use a computer and I built a Yahoo Store and ran it for a couple of years. The fees, merchant accounts, and freight ate up most of my profit. So I closed my store and started looking for other ways to make money online. I know better than to let a piece of software stop me. I’m starting over and this time I am going to take time to learn the skills necessary to be successfull.

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