New Start

Quick Start Challenge  I am very excited to share with you what my new focus is. I am starting The Quick Start Challenge- 2018 being offered by none other than Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. I plan to share my ongoing journey here.

I have tried many business models and seem to lose interest when the next exciting method comes along. Previously I was a sucker for good sales copy. Besides that, a lot of money making courses have whats called Blind Copy so I didn’t know all the details of what I would actually be doing until I went through the course. So I bought random training after training and would go through it and realize it’s not something I care to do.

Fast forward to now, I found what I plan to focus on taught by two gentlemen with impeccable character and the kind of value I want to mirror.

Long story short If you follow a proven successful plan you can’t lose if you don’t quit. That plan is what I found in The Quick Start Challenge…I will have a proven plan to follow for the next 5 weeks from two gifted Marketers that care about sharing their expertise to give back to the community.


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